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Tapered fibers for optogenetics

OptogeniX probes are based on tapered optical fibers, whose sub-micron tip diameter minimizes tissue displacement and damage upon insertion into the brain. 

  • Lambda-B fibers are designed for illuminating large volumes of tissue in a more homogeneous way than standard optical fibers. Provided as implantable fiber stubs, Lambda-B fibers just replace standard implants with immediate gain in terms of stimulation efficiency. Additionally, by inserting into the optical path one of the OptogeniX Launching Systems, it is also possible to sub-sample the target region without probe movements.
  • Sigma fibers allow to illuminate small areas precisely localized along the taper edge by delivering light through micrometric optical windows realized on the metallized susrface of the taperer. An OptogeniX Launching System nedds to be employed to operate selection of the emitting site. Shape, size and position of the windows can be customized to match experimental needs.